mercoledì, febbraio 27, 2008

Sono tornata!

Non so se di qui passi ancora qualcuno per dare un'occhiata ogni tanto ma... Travalicando ricomincia dal 27 febbraio 2008!

Duktig box makes a great toy stove!

Ikea sells a very nice set of steel cookware for kids, Duktig: same look and noise as real pans! I just used the box to add more fun to the game for my 1 year and a half old son…

You will need:
2 plastic bottle caps
2 paper fasteners (fermacampioni)
a small piece of thick cardboard (the thicker, the better)
plastified self adhesive paper (white, red)
1 permanent marker
universal glue

Cut a rectangle of white paper the same size of the box and glue it to the bottom of it to cover the product specs (normal paper could do, but plastified self adhesive paper makes it water resistant). Then cut one or more stripes of red paper 6 cm high and paste it along the border.

Cut two circles of red paper using the pans as a model, cut them and paste them inside the rectangle to make the hotplates; border with a permanent marker.

To make the knobs, cut two circles the size of the caps in the cardboard, pierce them and insert the paper fasteners in the middle. Add the plastic caps with some glue and insert the fasteners through the box (on one of the long sides). You can use some adhesive paper or sellotape inside the box to hide the fasteners. Decorate with a circle of red paper and with the marker.

The stove is ready to play! And when the game is finished, just turn the box upside-down to store all of the pans and cooking tools!